Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time is Money for Executives

If you are lucky enough to have earned a slot in an executive’s schedule, use it well. Understand that time is an executive’s precious resource. It can never be recaptured so they must allocate their attention to only the most pressing issues.

  • Do focus only on big number items. Don’t waste time and effort discussing lower budget or priority problems or issues.
  • Do raise relevant topics if they stand in the way of your sale. Don’t ignore potential problems thinking they will disappear…these are the obstacles that can poison the deal.  Be upfront and honest.
  • Do include team members who have special expertise in the product/service you are offering so you have a subject matter expert on hand to answer technical or detailed questions. Do not neglect to involve your team if a team sell would be more effective…you just need to prepare well for this kind of session and practice together.

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