Thursday, May 15, 2014

2 Critical Things You Should Know - Talking to Executives So They Listen

Selling to executives is perhaps the most difficult of all sales scenarios. Executives have so many demands placed upon their own time that they are, themselves, a very demanding audience. What drives them crazy and pushes you back out the door is when they think that you are wasting their time.

Take a few tips from executive sales training experts—many of whom have had to learn the hard way—on how to talk to executives so that they listen.
  1. Capture their interest right away. Craft your message so that it is clear why you are there and why they should pay attention. Be concise and use simple language. Convince them that you have something that will help them further their specific strategy for their organization.
  2. Tell them what you want of them. Set expectations upfront. Do not leave them guessing. What kind of decision do you want from them at the end of your discussion or presentation? 
Now they are ready for the “rest of the story.”

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