Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Novel Way to Better Establish Your Credibility with Executives

You have enough credentials in the field to address an audience of executives with confidence. But do they know enough about you to sit up and pay attention?

There is nothing more boring than to hear a speaker describe their background and list all their accomplishments…except in the briefest of introductory comments. And, besides, it can be rather difficult to toot your own horn enough when you are addressing a group of individuals who are highly successful in their own right.

The solution, according to executive selling training pros, is to introduce yourself ahead of time…before your meeting. Send a letter to the meeting invitees. You can begin with acknowledging that you are looking forward to the session and to discussing “Topic A.” Then describe your background relevant to this subject.

It seems less boastful to establish your authority and expertise in writing rather than in person….and your audience will now be primed to listen well to what you have to say.

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