Saturday, March 11, 2017

3 differences between normal sales and executive sales

3 differences between normal sales and executive sales
Executive Sales Training is important.  Executive sales is also very different from ‘normal sales.’ If you want your team to succeed at executive sales, you need to ensure that you arm them with the right techniques and information. Here are 3 main differences:

1) You aren’t selling to individual goals, problems or needs

Selling something to a non C-Level buyer is most often about understanding the personal benefits they will have if they buy the product or service. In executive sales, you must focus on the benefit to the entire organization.  This means the things you focus on during the sales pitch are completely different. You have to think more strategically, more systemically and more laterally while focusing on the measurable business benefits of your solution. You must also understand and present the value of those business benefits compared to other potential alternatives and investments.

2) The process is longer and happens over multiple conversations

A big part of Executive Sales Training is teaching sales people how to keep a conversation relevant and meaningful throughout the sales cycle. Sales to an executive may happen only after the 9th or 10th time you talk to them. On the other hand, selling to a lower level may happen on the first or the second call because the stakes are lower.

3) Executive sales are business relationship based

One of the most important factors in Executive Sales Training is creating relationships with the executive buyer and a company-to-company level. Sure an executive buyer needs to trust you.  But typically to close an enterprise-level sale, they also need to trust your team and your organization before they buy from you. On an individual level, this means understanding them personally and professionally and creating a rapport. On a corporate level, it means distinguishing your organizational capabilities and substantiating that your company as a whole can deliver on your promise.

You cannot just take someone who is good at sales and expect them to shine at an executive sales job without the right executive sales training.

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