The Key to a Successful Conversation in the Executive Office

Every salesperson seeks an appointment with the executive making the buying decisions. And almost every salesperson who enters the C-level suite is well-versed in have the “discovery” conversation. And most salespeople who get this far are smart and experienced. If you fit this category—good at questioning and business-savvy—take a tip from executive sales training experts. The only way to stand out in this stellar crowd is to differentiate yourself in a way that makes your executive prospect sit up and take notice.

Enter with a point of view. Don’t force your potential buyer to reiterate answers to questions they have been asked already. Executives are more concerned about what they don’t know than what they know. What can you teach them about an issue or problem that should bother them? How can you add value?

Executives don’t want to waste their time educating you. They want to learn themselves. Spend your time preparing for the executive conversation by talking with managers in the organization, gathering data and developing a new, unique and enlightening perspective.

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