Friday, April 25, 2014

Sales’ Major Challenge – 3 Ways to Communicate Executive-Level Value

Over half of the Sales Account Managers interviewed claim that their Number One challenge is teaching their sales reps how to effectively communicate value to executive buyers…what is it that their solution and approach provides that sets them above and apart from the competition?

It no longer works to have a general description of your solution’s advantages. Today’s customers are far better informed, far more sophisticated and enter the sales process farther along than they used to. Salespeople have to be able to clearly and compellingly articulate the unique value their solution brings and how, specifically, their solution fits the buyer’s exact situation.

How can a VP of Sales prepare the team? Executive sales training pros recommend that you:
  1. Prepare: Work together with your sales team to script talking points for conversations or emails that differentiate your solutions from the competition based upon the top 5 scenarios they are likely to face.

  2. Track & Adjust: Monitor which messages are more effective than others in moving deals toward a successful close.

  3. Be Customer-Centric: Be sure that the messages are relevant and specific to the customer’s interest and need.  They must resonate with their most pressing concerns and be believable.

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