Sunday, January 26, 2014

Create a Joint Sales Plan to Sell to an Executive

Like many in our industry, you are probably required by your sales manager to set out a plan that outlines how you will approach and complete each major deal in your pipeline.

But have you ever created a plan in partnership with your customer that shows, step-by-step, how you will proceed?

Executive selling training professionals recommend a joint sales plan to improve the accuracy of your sales forecasting. If you and your executive buyer collaborate on a timeline for the deal, you are unlikely to be blindsided by delays that you did not foresee but were known to your client.

A good plan, jointly created, also establishes who will do what when. You predict what needs to happen at each stage. Once your client agrees with your draft plan, you can together determine who is responsible for the completion of each step. Add a timeline for action and you have a sales plan which can guide the entire sales process.

If your executive buyer (or those around them) are unwilling to engage in the process, that is warning sign that both the relationship and the deal are at risk.

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