Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What You Need to Get Higher

Many salespeople mistakenly believe that what they need to call higher in a client organization is a personal relationship with the executives. Our experience in executive selling training brings us to a different conclusion. What you really need to call higher is a deep understanding of what executives care about and how they approach making company decisions.

Executives want to know how your product/service can help them solve their most pressing business problems. They want you to understand their issues and their industry. They don’t buy because they like you (though that can’t hurt). They buy because you have something to offer that they need and trust.

You can earn their respect by sharing your insight as an outside expert. If each time you meet you bring something of value, they will welcome you again and again. But be sure there is a balance. You don’t want to give of your expertise without gaining something in return…either closing a deal or an introduction to someone else on your “need to meet” list.

This is the way to build a professional relationship with executives.

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