Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 Steps to Climb the Ladder and Connect with the CEO

Every good salesperson would like to rise higher in their client organization…deals are apt to come faster, better financed and with clearer links to the overall corporate strategy. If, rung after rung, you have climbed all the way to the CEO at the top, you have a unique opportunity to clinch your position as a preferred provider and trusted partner.

Do not blow it. Be sure you stick to the following executive selling training “rules” to connect positively with the CEO:
  1. Make the best use of your allotted time. Do not waste it by talking all about your product/services. Get right to the point of how and why your offering fits your CEO’s needs and will solve the organization’s problems.
  2. Be honest. Do not make claims that aren’t true. Not only will your spiel sound overblown and inauthentic, but also the CEO is likely to see right through you and lose respect and trust.
  3. Do your homework. Know the company, industry and the CEO’s preferred communication style upfront and flex to it. If they want just the facts, come armed with data. If they want graphic displays and a big picture presentation, prepare accordingly.

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