Friday, September 20, 2013

How Successful Sales Reps to Get Executives to Really Listen

Once you gain that long-awaited appointment at the C-level, how can you get executives to really respect you and pay attention to the solution you offer?

Executive selling may be the most challenging…but it can also be the most rewarding because, at this level, decisions can come fast and fully funded. The hurdle you must leap in order to be successful at selling to executives is to earn their credibility and trust.

Unlike working at lower levels in an organization, the goal of executive selling training should not be to build a personal relationship that might end in friendship. Rather, with executives, the goal should be to build a relationship which combines personal and business trust. Executives want to believe that you will deliver on your commitments and in your capability to solve their most pressing business problems.

Be open and honest about any issues you can foresee. Because there are always risks, executives want the complete picture…not the sugar-coated version.

To be seen as a trusted advisor who brings value to the organization, be the expert who understands the business problem and addresses all their concerns.

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