Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Research Has New Advice - Go Ahead…Ask the Big Cheese the Big Questions

We all know from executive sales training that selling to executives is way different from selling to lower level buyers. 

And smart solution sellers are committed to doing upfront research to know as much as possible about the company, the industry, and the situation. It is wise, we are told, to avoid asking questions that we should know the answers to. 

But new research by DoubleCheck says that we should not be afraid to ask relevant and revealing questions of executives. They are far more willing to respond than many had thought. 

How much more effective your sales process would be if you could find out more about what matters most to them.

It turns out that 63% of the executives surveyed said they would be willing to share key information about their decision process and other key items if they trusted the person asking. 

So the bottom line? Assuming you have earned their trust and credibility, just ask.  

Learn more at: http://www.lsaglobal.com/executive-selling-training-coaching/

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