Sunday, May 31, 2015

5 Key Questions Your Sales Force Should Be Asking Executives

5 Key Questions Your Sales Force Should Be Asking Executives

Executive sales training teaches that selling successfully to C-level folks requires a different approach from selling elsewhere in the organization. You need to be able to quickly and simply demonstrate true value…to offer a new perspective or fresh insights that will help executives solve the problems that matter most.

One way to inspire their thinking in a new direction and thus influence them to action is with thoughtful inquiry.

Here are five questions that can help uncover the gold nuggets that add real value to the sales process:

  1. If you implemented this action, what would the business impact be? This line of questioning can lead to a good discussion that is focused on results…the bottom line for any executive.

  2. What if you don’t take that action?
    Working from this direction leads to consideration of the consequences of inaction and, hopefully, brings new insight to the discussion.

  3. What is currently missing from your formula for success?
    This can lead you down new paths and to a broader opportunity for you to provide some answers.

  4. What is actually possible in your unique corporate culture?
    Here you get a picture of the executive’s ideal scenario, the environment in which they must succeed and a chance to help achieve it in a way that makes sense.

  5. Why now?
    Don’t ask this in a challenging way but in a genuinely curious way. Executives will be encouraged to justify their thinking and perhaps come up with new solutions of their own.
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