Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Not Very Well-Kept Executive Sales Secret

Most salespeople agree that when customers “like you” they are more apt to buy from you. And, though this is not always the case, the opposite is almost always true—if customers dislike you, they will look elsewhere for your product or service.

So smart salespeople try to build rapport with their customers early on. Executive sales training experts agree that likeability matters. The “secret” is how to do this quickly…in the very first meeting.

Find common ground. This will establish a level of shared trust according to psychologists. And the commonalities do not have to be all that unique. It could be that you are both from the East coast, or that you work out regularly, or that you play a musical instrument or that you love to read sci-fi novels. Do your best to ferret out information that has been freely posted on LinkedIn or Facebook to find that precious tidbit that will connect you to your customer and make you instantly likeable.

Don’t overdo it, but find common ground quickly.

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