Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Talk About the Competition to an Executive

We’ve all seen them…the ads that specifically mention a product’s major competitor. The question that executive selling training experts ask is whether or not this is a wise strategy.

The consensus is that the competition needs to be addressed…but not by name. If you mention “the other guy” in a negative way you risk being perceived by your customers as underhanded and malicious or desperate. That is not the attitude you want to engender in your prospective executive clients. But you do need to acknowledge your competitors in the marketplace and position your solution in a positive light.

Sales experts recommend that you speak in rather general terms. Remember Avis’ campaign as Number Two? Everyone knew that Hertz was Number One. It was well understood. Avis did not need to point it out. Instead they could portray their company as trying harder to deliver a better solution for their target buyers. Their message was conveyed powerfully and more effectively without having to bad-mouth their major competitor by name.

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