Monday, December 9, 2013

Predicting Sales Success – 6 Questions To Ask Your Magic 8 Ball

Every salesperson wonders as they progress through the sales cycle whether or not they will end up with a deal. And in every case, there is a way to predict the outcome…if you are prepared to ask the tough questions. Your decision to know or not to know should be based on how confident you are in the strength of your relationship with the client and how bold you feel you can be without jeopardizing the bonds you have forged.

Here are six questions executive selling training experts recommend you ask (in a way that makes sense) if you truly want to know:
  1.       Success: How specifically will you know if success has been achieved?
  2.       Importance: Where does this initiative rank compared to other company priorities?
  3.       Timing: Is there a date by which you hope to see these results in place?
  4.       Decision: What are the steps you will go through to reach a good decision?
  5.       Budget: What kind of resources are available to tackle this problem?
  6.       Competition: Is this something that you are talking to other companies about?  Who?

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