Friday, July 12, 2013

Three Steps to Staying REALLY Connected on Conference Calls

It is too easy to multi-task and tune out of conference calls.

Just press the mute button and tend to your own business…no one can see you yawn or hear your keyboard as you answer emails. But don’t count on being truly invisible!

Your inattention shows when you don’t respond right away, don’t participate at the right level, or need to have a question repeated. And the tenor of your voice can give you away as well. Imagine how this affects your credibility.

Stay really connected to your colleagues and, even more importantly, your customers by following these three executive selling training rules:
  1. Stay focused on the call. You will be able to contribute to the discussion meaningfully and in timely fashion when your expertise and insight is called upon.
  2.  Avoid distractions. Clear your desk and desktop prior to the call and turn off audio alerts to incoming calls and emails.
  3. Listen carefully. How can you add value to the call? To help keep you on target, take notes and jot down ideas you can share when it’s your turn to speak.
Simple rules, yes, but ones that may even shorten your calls as you stay on subject and keep engaged.

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