Friday, July 19, 2013

Executive Selling Is All in the Timing

What is the difference between a successful salesperson and one who struggles? Often it is a question of timing.

  • Do not skip the budget question. Too many inexperienced salespeople do not qualify the opportunity by insuring that the prospective client is actually a buyer with means. Their mistake is to waste their own time by pursuing a deal that will never close.
  • Do not rush the proposal stage. As eager as you may be to move forward, pay attention to the order in which you proceed. If you take the time to prepare a proposal before you gain the commitment to buy, you may have invested those hours in vain.
  • Do not “beat a dead horse.” If all the signals are negative, give it up. There is nothing to be gained by chasing opportunities that are nonexistent. Invest your time and talents in more positive directions.

Be thoughtful about how you spend your time selling—especially to executives.

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