Friday, February 1, 2013

Why Executives Buy

When you are trying to sell to the C-level, you are placed under an executive microscope to be examined through an executive’s lens of different needs, expectations, and demands.

Most executives base their purchasing decisions upon a few key criteria that relate to both their personal success and the success of their company. To effectively sell at this level, you must be able to clearly link the value of your solution to what executives care most about in at least two areas:
  1. Financial. First and foremost, most executives will analyze the financial impact on their business related to the key revenue, margin, and profit targets that they are held accountable to hitting in the next six to twelve months. Very few leaders will invest in a product or service that does not have a strong (and fairly reliable) return on investment.

  2. Business Productivity. In addition to “running the numbers” to ensure that the investment makes financial sense, executives also want to feel confident that your solution will improve business efficiency and effectiveness in a way that aligns with the current strategic priorities. This includes making sure that your approach makes sense for their specific industry, culture, timeline, and leadership team.

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