Friday, January 18, 2013

Three Foundations of an Effective Sales Process

A business sales methodology without an effective sales process can be rendered useless.

Even the best sales tools, skills, and techniques cannot overcome the obstacles presented by the lack of a clear and implemented sales process that is based upon how your customers buy and how you differentiate and position yourself in the marketplace.

If your sales process is lacking any of the following three attributes, get the process right before looking into other areas:
  1. Customized: It should be designed to align 100% with the unique sales culture, organizational structure, marketplace, industry, target clients, solution sets, go-to-market strategy, and target buyers.

  2. Defined Sales Stages: Simple, clearly articulated and agreed-upon sales stages related to verifiable buyer behavior/criteria/evidence prove that a deal has moved from one stage to the next. These stages typically come with associated percentages to help with pipeline forecasting, sales coaching, and job aids. Each stage also has predetermined guidelines for actions and corresponding support tools to help the sales rep succeed.

  3. CRM: Regardless of size or deal complexity, technology is a “must” to effectively organize, track, automate, and align sales, sales management, marketing, customer service, and support.

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