Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Executive Selling & Relationship Building - 7 Easy Steps

Below is an abstract of an executive selling training and relationship building focused white paper.

Contained in the white paper are (7) seven easy steps that can help build successful client relationships, boost executive selling skills, and help ensure a positive sales engagement every time.

To be successful in today's economy sales teams must understand the client's key issues, speak their language, adopt sales coaching best practices, effectively sell solutions, sell value, and build the type of relationships that promote trust.

But how?

Step 1-It's all in the attitude: Exude positive confidence.
Take a minute and think of those people in your life who motivate you, make you feel excited, passionate and help you to be creative and the best person you can be.

Step 2-Get in the comfort zone: Develop rapport with your client.
People often wonder, "How can I develop a successful relationship with my clients when we are so very different?" The answer here is by building rapport and intimacy.

Step 3-Promote trust: Adopt a win-win style of sales negotiation.
Trust is a warm, comfortable, embracing feeling. It's one of those genuinely instinctive feelings in life--we simply know when we trust someone and when we don't.

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