Paint a Positive Picture of Results to Sell to Executives

A business executive is smiling

Once you fully understand the business impact your executive client is seeking, follow the advice of executive sales training experts and paint a positive picture that will build the relationship and create the smile of success.

Executives don’t have time for all the details of your proposed solution. Typically they leave the details to others who will have to deal with them. Executives need only enough information to make the decision, and the information they need is how your specific solution will bring results they desire. Usually the results have to do ultimately with increasing revenue or decreasing expenses. Your job as a salesperson is to paint the picture of how your solution will do just that. Help your executive client clearly visualize their desired result.

You can ask questions such as:

  • How will the goal, once reached, specifically help the business?
  • Once the problem is overcome, what will you be able to do?
  • How does it look today and how will it look once solved? What is the difference?
  • Who will it help and what aspect of the business will be improved?

If you can translate the desired results into a graphic, all the better. We know that a “picture is worth 1,000 words.” Illustrate the best possible outcome…revenue gained or expenses reduced. Perhaps you will be working with the sales team to increase revenue. Show how their smarter behaviors and more targeted sales activities will boost earnings. Use a graph to show current sales and predicted sales performance once the changes are made. Show all the positive attributes of your solution. They could include improved employee engagement and a happier sales team, renewed energy in the marketing department as they see real results of their efforts, and increased customer satisfaction as customer needs are more expertly handled. 

The more you can focus on the desired results and how the business picture will brighten, the closer you are to a sale and the closer the executive is to enjoying the results of a problem solved. 

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