Tuesday, February 2, 2016

3 Paths to Help Your Client Earn a Seat at THE Table

an executive is sitting alone at the head of the board room table

When you are a “student” of executive sales training, you learn all about how to talk to executives effectively and what they care most about. You learn that they do not typically want to hear about tactics; their focus is on strategy. They typically do not want to hear all the details about implementation; they only care about business results. They need you to bring compelling value and insight to each and every conversation. Executives have no time for stock presentations of what your product or service can do; they only care about what your product or service can do for them and their shareholders.

All well and good if you are actually talking to the ultimate executive decision maker. But often, your primary contact is only on the way to the C-Suite. Just imagine how much more successful you would be if you could effectively coach your customer in all that you know about how executives think and buy. If you could help your new (or aspiring) executive-level buyer to achieve trusted status at THE executive table, you would both benefit enormously…your client from the newfound status and respect and you from the loyalty earned and potential business.

Help your primary contact achieve executive status by coaching along these three paths:

1. Achievement and accountability
Make sure your contact can achieve the desired goals. This could be part of the solution you sell. Coach them so they present the solution in a compelling way that highlights measurable business impact. But, if there’s a bump in the road, coach them to own up and be accountable. There is nothing to be gained, and a lot to lose, by passing the buck.

2. Risk management
Executives understand risks; they face them with every decision they make. Be sure your contact is able to outline any risks and implications so there will be no unhappy surprises along the way. Being fore-warned is being fore-armed.

3. Political savvy
Help your contact understand the executive-level politics. Advise that they meet this new “team” on level ground as they figure out where the power lies. It is best to not make any fast alliances until the personalities, motives and success metrics are well understood.

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