Monday, November 30, 2015

Executive Sales - How to Better Speak the Language of Executives

2 sharply dressed businesspeople are meeting with an executive and present a folder with their proposal

It is the foundation of all executive sales training—when you want to influence executives, you need to speak their language. Executives look for business results; they are not concerned with the tactics (the how) as much as the strategy (what will be gained). If you want to persuade executives and earn a place at their table, follow these tips to carry on a discussion at their level.

  1. Answer the why. Your approach and solution needs to show why it matters and how it fits with the company’s strategic goals. Be clear about how your plan will improve current and future business in a way that matters most.
  2. Be ready for objections. Expect that you will need to argue your case. Savvy decision makers will want to test your initiative from all angles. They will want you to prove that you have investigated and researched your plan thoroughly and that it makes sense compared to other alternatives.
  3. Maintain a broad perspective. Understand that your proposal will be weighed against others. Where does yours fit in the priority list of the executive team? Paint a picture of how your plan will benefit the company as a whole. 

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