Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The First Step to Selling Successfully at the Executive Level

The very first step to having a productive outcome from a conversation with an executive is proving that you understand their world. This is the foundation of all executive sales training…establishing yourself as a trusted and insightful partner who can provide value at the highest level.

Selling successfully to executives requires that you understand what is important to them and be able to offer insights and suggestions that are relevant to what matters most – personally and professionally. Show that you are comfortable in the C-suite by being prepared, self-assured and compelling. As with any customer, take just enough time to build rapport so that you can engage in a mutually frank and revealing dialogue. And don’t be afraid to ask challenging questions that prompt your customer to think differently about the situation…the “what would happen if” and “have you thought about” questions. Then be ready to prove that you have the background and knowledge and solutions ready to tackle their problems and provide measurable help to them and their business.

  • Do your homework. 
  • Prepare thoroughly. 
  • Practice role plays with colleagues. 
  • Get candid feedback.
  • And then take that first step.

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