Tuesday, March 31, 2015

6 Under-the-Radar Ways to Get Ahead When Selling to Executives

6 Under-the-Radar Ways to Get Ahead When Selling to Executives

You know you’re in a highly competitive position with your offering, but you now have the opportunity to talk with the executive buyer one-on-one.

You have reviewed all your executive sales training techniques so you feel well prepared to adopt the right attitude with some insightful ideas. But what would really help you rocket past your competitors is to coax the executive to really open up and honestly share what is going on in the business.

Here are some suggestions on how to get the executive to tell you what you want to know:

  1. Flattery
    No one is immune to feeling good about themselves. What you say must be a true observation delivered in an authentic way. But, appealing to one’s ego is a tactic that works. People react positively and are more apt to cooperate.

  2. Confidentiality
    If you are trusted and can ensure confidentiality, the executive can let go of fears that telling the truth will reflect badly on the company or on business.

  3. Silence
    Do not be afraid of pauses. Once you ask a question, leave space for the executive to respond and then perhaps add more detail.

  4. Open curiosity
    If you are genuinely curious, the executive may let his guard down and play the role of experienced guide.

  5. Incentive
    If the executive trusts that you can provide a solution to his business problem, he will be more forthcoming in describing just what haunts him at night.

  6. Emotional appeal
    Appealing to how good it would feel if the problem were solved might open up the communication so you learn even more about the situation.
Are you using all six to your advantage?

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