Monday, December 29, 2014

Questions to Consider to Not Squander your C-Level Meeting

Connecting at the C-Level is important. Obtaining a meeting with top executives is difficult.

Unfortunately most salespeople do not understand what C-level executives want to hear.

Even if their sales “hook” was clever enough to get on the executive schedule, most executives do not believe that the majority of sales reps have enough experience, background or industry savvy to really articulate and provide the level of value required in the C-Suite.

Make sure that your executive sales training prepares your sales team for success when they talk to executives. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are the company’s top 3 business priorities?

  • How do they measure their personal and professional success?

  • Do you truly have a solution to sell? Or Is your “solution selling” approach just a poorly disguised product pitch?

  • Do you know what information and insights your executive target would value here and now?

  • Are you genuine in your stated interest to help the executive succeed and solve real issues?

  • Are you sure that the executive would be the actual buyer or is your offering more appropriate at a lower level or through a different corporate function?
Bottom line, you need to decide if your salespeople really have the knowledge, expertise, presence and authenticity to sell value to executives effectively.

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