Monday, September 29, 2014

A Big No-No When Calling on Executives

Every salesperson worth their salt wants to get as high as possible in their client company. Why?

Because, as every executive sales training program will tell you, the sales cycle is far faster and, with a true trusted advisor relationship, the upside is far greater.
Too many salespeople start (and stay satisfied) too low in their client organizations and end up talking with people who have the power to say no but not the power to say yes.

But let’s assume you have an invitation to meet in the C-level suite. You are well prepared. You have researched the industry, the company, the market and the executive. In fact you are so well acquainted with the client situation that you could ask very specific questions about very specific services, products or tactics.


This is a big no-no when calling on executives. Keep the questions at a high level—strategic and systemic rather than tactical. Executives are concerned with strategy and results. They expect you to understand them and their business. They expect you to think and act like they do. They expect you to add measurable value to areas that matter most to them.

They are concerned with end-of-the-year results, not minor changes or incremental insights.

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