Thursday, July 31, 2014

2 Necessary Ingredients for Closing Executive Deals—Trust and Capability

To be successful selling to executives, you need to succeed at two levels—personal and business. The executive sales training folks we talk to are clear that sales success in the C-suite requires that a salesperson prove both that they are trustworthy and that they have the capability to provide a solution of value.

Personal Trust
Executives, like anyone else, are more apt to buy from someone they like. But what matters even more is whether or not they trust the provider. Full disclosure is a major part of demonstrating your credibility. There are always issues with complex sales. Make sure you are open and honest about any snags or problems you foresee. You will earn the executive’s respect and trust for your integrity.

Business Capabilities
Of course, no matter how strong your personal relationship, if you do not have the experience, skills, knowledge and credibility to both fully understand and solve the business problem, there will be no sale. Prove your knowledge and expertise in every interaction and provide relevant case studies that illustrate your capability to provide a solution that will work.

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