Sunday, February 19, 2012

Q1 Executive Coaching Poll Results

Successful executive coaching should expand a business leader’s capacity to produce extraordinary and tangible business results. Why is this important?

According to our Q1 Executive Coaching performance poll, 71% of respondents believe that at least half of their success is dependent upon the success of others.

The Q1 Executive Coaching Performance poll question was: “What % of your success is dependent upon the performance of others?” Reponses are below.

  • 33% said greater than 75% of their success

  • 38% said between 50% and 74% of their success

  • 5% said between 25% and 49% of their success

  • 24% said less than 25% of their success

True leaders know that the majority of their success is dependent upon the success of others. To be successful, many leaders rely on the outside and unbiased perspective of an executive coach to ensure that they are behaving in a way to create an environment for success. Common requests include improving the ability to think strategically “2-5 years out,” get the most from their people, executive their strategy more effectively, and play to their strengths.

If you are looking to improve your performance through coaching, find an executive coach that is willing to provide specific, practical recommendations to improve performance. Also, ensure that the coach is willing to identify and track key metrics to improve over time.

Remember the goal of coaching should be to make agreed-upon improvements that will make an impact.

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